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Primo BoZo Presents: Not A Rooftop Party 4-REAL

Your favorite Primos are back at it again with another shin-diggity that absoluetly will NOT be on a seriously, stop asking. It's the 4th time around and you still think it's a rooftop?

Not A Rooftop Party 4-REAL, the latest entry in the litty-ist party-concert series in NYC.

Good music - Dope Performers - Good Food - $7 Bar All Night

We got a SHOW for you, an eclectic featuring some of the dopest musicans coming out of the emerging underground scene. Ranging from RnB, Hip-Hop, Ragger, and Pop, and to top it off, we got Sassy Studios doing a special dance performance. 

The mixy vibes don't stop there, we're bringing visual art into the party-concert experience with a few exciting art exhibits. Including live body painting, an interactive light display, and avant-garde sculptures. 

All night the DJs gonna be doing there thing, and drink tickets are $7 all night, and oh yeah, we got live tattoos by one of the most elite tattoo shops in NYC. 

And it's NOT A ROOFTOP PARTY....forreal. 

When: Friday, April 14th @ 8pm

Where: 164 20th Street Brooklyn, NY 11232

Host: Primo BoZo (10PushUps & Vetta WifeyType)



Vetta WifeyType


Trav B

Mega Modd

Sassy Studios

Art Exhibits by:




Sounds By:

DJ Miami Joe


Live Tattoos By:

Top Secret Tattoo 

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